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hen I cared no▓t.” “And you did this” a▓sked Annie, clasping Lady Emily’s, ha▓nd in both hers, and almost startled at it●s coldness—the only proof that the n●arrator told not her tale unmov▓ed. “I did more, my child.Thoug▓h poetry and

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satire were now to● me but fearful spectres, from which ▓a tortured spirit shrank—tho●ugh that very hour I burned every fragment of c●omposition once so precious, ye●t, during three long weary weeks, I was to him▓ and to all around

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me as I had always ▓been; perhaps even more sparkling,▓ more animated, and far more joyous.Without any● visible effort, I so far changed in bearing ▓towards him, that instead of finding in his con▓versation as before an ec

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